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Grape: Grachetto Region: Umbria, Italy Farming: Organic

One hundred seventy-five hectares (430 acres) in a single estate set in the heart of the Montefalco DOCG area. The hills are pristine, surrounded by wooded areas and have an ideal microclimate for vines and olive trees. 24 acres are dedicated to olive groves, while 123 acres are covered by vineyards; these crops are located on the hilltops, with southern and western exposure. At the heart of the property, just below the original manor house, is the Winery; the cellars are completely underground and designed for gravity vinification, with the pressed grapes falling down into the fermentation tanks and the pomace discarded without pumps, simply using the force of gravity. Our wines are made exclusively from the estate’s organically grown grapes in order to offer a product whose potential, characteristics and quality can be controlled and evaluated at every phase of production. Antonelli San Marco also offers wine-tourism hospitality in the antique farmhouse called Casale Satriano, which has been carefully restored and tastefully decorated: 6 independent apartments with a swimming pool, surrounded by vineyards and a breathtaking landscape, just a short drive from the most beautiful Medieval villages of Umbria...

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