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Jolie-Laide Glou D’Etat 2022


Region: California

Farming: Organic

Scott and Jenny Schultz work with a handful of growers, all of whom farm organically; it is their ability to seek out spectacular vineyard sites which allows them to be hands off in the cellar. The winemaking method at Jolie-Laide is simple: grapes are left whole cluster, foot crushed, and aged in neutral oak. Scott began his transition into the winemaking world after a move from Chicago for employment as Wine Director at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon in Napa Valley. As he explains, “everyone I met was a winemaker, so on my days off I followed people around to see what they were doing." Before he knew it, he had secured the cellar master job at Realm Winery. That was followed by a stint with Arnot-Roberts, and then joining Pax Mahle to work on the Pax and Wind Gap labels. Scott’s passion for winemaking grew so significantly that he decided to start his own project, Jolie-Laide, in 2010. Glou d’ Etat is a light red wine made in a fun and irreverent style, inspired by many of their favorite European wines. The wine is made with carbonic maceration, before being foot-crushed and left to complete fermentation with whole clusters, creating a lighter drinking style with fresh aromatics and a lower tannin profile. Perfect with a chill!

Pairing: Would pair nicely with a charcuterie board, roasted chicken with vegetables and even a homemade pizza.

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