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Le Spinee Bianco Frizzante NV

Updated: Feb 20

Grape: Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Glera

Region: Treviso, Italy

Farming: Organic

In this long-lasting wine-making tradition area you find “Durante’s farm”, a small family-owned winery located at the foot of Montello, run by the father Lino and both sons Ivano and Michele. They are deeply dedicated to organic agriculture and have even acquired several certifications – a feat not easy for such a small operation. The intention and care for the grapes does not stop in the vineyard. They are meticulous in the cellar, utilizing the most modern oenological techniques alongside age-old winemaking traditions. This Pet Nat of Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and Glera is a great representation of these worlds colliding – ‘pet nat’ is a modern term for the ancestral method of making sparkling wine. The “Durante’s farm” is an 18 hectares land also called “Le Spinee” which has been adopted as logo of “Durante’s farm”. “Le Spinee” derives it’s name from a place originally (400-600 AD) inhabited by monks and later abandoned. In this plot of land started to grow wild prickly bushes and brambles, therefore the Italian for “spine”, “Le Spinee”. The “Durante’s Farm” lies in the north-west of the zone known as “Piave DOC”, in the Province of Treviso. This area of the Piave DOC covers a vast plain that is confined to the south by the sea, to the north-west by the hills of Conegliano and Montello, its length crossed by the Piave river, whilst to the north-east it borders on the region of Friuli.

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